February 07, 2023

Ag Exemptions: Wrangling Your Application for 2023

Agricultural exemptions are a crucial aspect of owning and maintaining a property that is dedicated to agricultural use. This article will discuss the importance of renewing your agricultural exemption and provide guidelines on how to do so effectively.

The deadline for submitting agricultural exemption applications for 2023 is typically at the beginning of April, with some counties having earlier deadlines. It is crucial to verify the specific deadline with your local county office to avoid any late penalties or loss of your exemption.

Losing an agricultural exemption can have severe financial consequences for the property owner, including being responsible for three years of rollback taxes and interest. That is why keeping your exemption active and in good standing is essential.

The responsibility for renewing the agricultural exemption falls on the property owner. In some cases, it may not be necessary to submit an application annually. However, it is always recommended to verify this information with your local county office.

Below is a list of counties in the area and their designated county office:

In conclusion, keeping your agricultural exemption up to date is crucial to avoid financial burdens and maintain the status of your property dedicated to agricultural use. Verify your local county office's deadline and application requirements to ensure a seamless renewal process.

To make the process of renewing your agricultural exemption easier, you can find the general application on this link.

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